“We are broken inside and the world is broken outside”
We spend our lives in search of purpose or wants and we call that hope.
Blaine was born and raised in a small rural community in northern Ontario, Canada with four other brothers and sisters, his interest in art started around the age of ten “I watched my teacher draw a tree with just several strokes and it amazed me”
He carried on with art until the age of seventeen when music caught his attention and wouldn’t return to art till years later. Those years would not be so kind to him as he remembers “ I found myself in need of rescue and that came in the form of a small church and some wonderful people”
Over time the art would return.
He paints from the thoughts and questions that arise in daily life a lot of which can’t be seen, but through symbolism, texture and colour he converts paint to hope. He explains it this way “If you care to decipher the symbolism inside each piece you will discover the story or revelation within, some will come away with their own revelation which is my hope”.
Blaine paints in mostly acrylics and oils and still prefers to stretch his own canvases, he periodically will do showings but much prefers the solitude of his studio. His works appear internationally and have recently seen in magazine publications such as House & Garden in the U.K and as close to home as Faith Today Magazine in Canada.